Business Commercial Zone in Škofljica

We started with the sale of lanplot for building in size 65.000 m2.



POC Škofljica business commercial zone is a larger rounded area, designed with the intention of developing into a modern business environment. The total land size is approximately 60,000 m2 and is for sale either as a whole or by individual smaller parts (link: link ), where you also have the possibility to build business facilities of various sizes. The property is intended for commercial, service, business, industrial and warehouse activities, retail stores, trade related to the commercial, business and production activities, catering and associated activities.




  •  - direct vicinity of Ljubljana
  •  - excellent traffic connections
  •  - developed land (sewage system, telecommunications network, electricity, water distribution system, gas line, streets, bike paths, pavements and street lighting)
  • - professional support from land purchase until the end of construction works
  • - significantly lower costs of compensation for the use of building land in comparison with Ljubljana
  • - the possibility of arranging a large number of parking spaces
  • - the integrity and arrangement of the zone





Individual building units and facilities are allowed a maximum horizontal overall dimension of 30 x 26 m. However, individual building units can also be combined in order to achieve greater building dimensions. Vertical dimension of the buildings is limited by the height of the final panel, that is 8 m. Inside, single floor or two-floor areas are possible. Vertical dimensions can exceptionally be exceeded in case of technology buildings which height is defined by technology projects.





POC Škofljica is located directly on the main street Ljubljana – Kočevje. The zone is approximately 5 km away from the southern Ljubljana bypass and the motorway Ljubljana – Novo mesto, which ensures good access to transport. It is also possible to get to Škofljica via the Ljubljana passenger traffic (LPP), moreover, the zone is connected to the street network via the new street connection built on the southern part of the zone. Good street connections are also enabled by the direct vicinity of the railway line Ljubljana – Novo mesto. In addition to this, the construction plan includes the extension of the industrial track to the new investors in the zone. In the following years, we are planning to construct a new bypass near the zone which will allow even better integration with Ljubljana and the other parts of Slovenia.


  • - directly on the main street Ljubljana – Kočevje
  • - the zone is located only 5 km away from the southern Ljubljana bypass and motorway Ljubljana – Novo mesto
  • - direct vicinity of the railway line Ljubljana – Novo mesto


PRICE: 165 EUR/m2

Communal contribution will be payed by the end of 2018 and the construction can start in the beginning of 2019



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